Sustainability is Smart… Business Smart!

Green Advantage Consultants

winning business raceintegrates principles of business and science to establish sound strategies for sustainable business, and assists organizations in the implementation of these strategies.

Green Advantage Consultants believes that companies can gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace directly by reducing costs, achieving product differentiation and reducing risk through the application of sustainability strategies such as sustainability management systems, pollution prevention, resource conservation, product stewardship, life cycle management and others. This competitive advantage, when properly exploited, can create benefits for businesses and the planet, as well as all those who live upon it.

Green Advantage Consultants provides consulting services to businesses and other organizations to build sustainability into operations, with the goal of achieving a higher level of competitiveness – always with the eye on the bottom line. We also support environmentally-friendly non-profit organizations in their efforts to create a greener society.

4 thoughts on “Green Advantage Consultants

  1. Eric, I could not find a way to follow your company on LinkedIN. Is your company listed there?

  2. If you follow the link on the right, or at the bottom, to the company page, sign in to LinkedIn and it should let you follow Green Advantage Consultants.

  3. How do I acquire certification and what is the time and money required

    • Hi George,

      I assume that you are talking about certification as a Sustainability Professional. I obtained my certification through the International Society of Sustainability Professionals ( The cost varies depending on whether you are a member or not, but if I recall, it was $2000-3000, and took a little less than a year. It involves a number of month-long (once per week) online classes, and a few additional one-time webinars. You can get more information at

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