Our solutions are targeted at building value in your organization through increases in the various forms of capital (see our Smart Business page), such as human, financial, natural, etc. generated by the implementation of business-justified, scientifically-based strategies. As such, we can help reduce costs, increase market share, reduce risks, enhance brands, and attract and retain better employees, among other potential benefits.

Based on the ABCD Backcasting Process of The Natural Step, and the Plan-Do-Check-Act Deming Cycle popular in management systems, Green Advantage Consultants has developed a cyclical ABCDER process to develop a sustainability-based business strategy, and then to execute the strategy and gain its benefits in the form of increased business value. The elements of this process include the following:

  • Awareness and defining success
  • Baselining
  • Creating solutions
  • Deciding on priorities
  • Execution
  • Review, Reflect, Report, Repeat

You may enter the cycle at the Execution phase if you have preconceived projects or programs that you would like to implement, either within the bounds of an existing strategy or without the benefit of an overarching strategy. The last element – the four Rs – leads to continuous improvement and progress over time.

Solutions and methodologies that we can work with you to implement include the following:

  • mission/vision development
  • incorporation into management systems such as ISO 14001 and 9001
  • education and general awareness
  • material, water, chemical, and carbon footprinting
  • materiality assessment
  • value stream mapping
  • circularity assessment
  • life cycle assessment
  • stakeholder surveys
  • decision-making processes
  • lean manufacturing
  • reporting (e.g., Global Reporting Initiative, CDP, Environmental Product Declarations, Health Product Declarations, etc.)
  • project management
  • conceptual engineering design

Working from a basic framework of principles for cities in the circular economy (developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation), we provide solutions within the following areas, and within the context of a client-specific strategy:

  • Smart Buildings and Infrastructure
  • Smart Energy Systems
  • Smart Bioeconomy
  • Smart Production Systems

In this context, the connotation of “smart” should not be interpreted as being artificially intelligent, on-line, connected, etc., but rather it means more intelligent and wise.

Within these elements, we apply the Cradle-to-Cradle criteria of material health, material cycling, renewable energy and carbon management, and water stewardship (if solutions require application of the 5th C2C principle of social fairness, we partner with experts in that area to provide a complete solution set).

Our primary focus is on smart production systems, especially material health, materials cycling, and water stewardship, and secondarily on material health and water stewardship in the smart buildings and infrastructure arena.

Within these areas, here is a fairly inclusive sampling of the solutions that we can work with you to implement:

  • Safer chemistry in products, processes, and plants
  • Safer materials in building design and construction
  • Waste minimization/elimination in production systems, the bioeconomy, and building construction through process redesign and industrial ecology networks
  • Net zero water systems
  • Net zero energy systems
  • Building-integrated water systems
  • Industrial water conservation methodologies
  • Industrial water/wastewater treatment systems
  • Nutrient recovery systems
  • Green infrastructure
  • Building concepts to meet materials and water-related requirements of LEED, WELL, and LBC green building standards